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Welcome to the official Kenpukan website! The 'Kenpukan' (ken-fist pu-hurricane kan-school) is a branch of the Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo. Here at the Kenpukan we teach "Ryukyu Kenpo" - SAVAGE self-defense with hundreds of specialized techniques that have been designed to be extremely effective against all forms of violent encounters, at whatever level your training. And full contact sparring, which allows people to actually experience violence in a safe and supportive environment, to see it, study it, and understand it. Only by understanding violence can we prevent it from occurring.
We are the ONLY organization in Israel that teaches effective, uncompromising self defense techniques taught by Certified Licensed instructors, as well as providing instruction in full contact sparring.
While working with fellow students you will improve in character development, mental development, and build a deep and abiding respect for others, improving your quality of life. All classes contain challenging physical exercises that enhance coordination, strength, balance, agility, flexibility and stamina. So, whether you are looking to learn self defense, lose weight, gain self confidence or just have fun, Ryukyu kenpo is for you!

Important info

We are sorry to announce that due to the continuing covid restrictions in Israel we have closed our full-tme dojo in Kfar Adumim.

Sensei D'veed Natan and Yehoshua Kadosh are of course still available for group or private classes upon request!

Please contact us for more details

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New Muudansha

Conjgratulations to Adir Kadosh and Yifrach Kadosh upon jooning the Muudansha!


Training Videos

We are (STILL and hopefully always will be!) in the middle of creating new instructional videos for our students.



If you would like to win this year's prize for best kata, kobujutsu kata or technique performance, train hard, train often and perform for us at the end of the year!

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